Ways to reuse moving boxes after a move

Well, the relocation is done! There are still a lot of things to do after the move, sure. There are utilities to be dealt with, address change to be arranged, installation of appliances, and the rest of the electronic wonders of this modern age. Furniture still needs to find its spot, walls are to be painted, kitchen and bathroom made operational, etc. All in all, you are done but not really all that done. However, there is also one more issue that, while it does not seem like it is a big deal, still needs to be dealt with. What to do with all of those moving boxes?! Because, if your move is like most others, you now have dozens of cardboard boxes and nowhere to go with them. Thankfully, we made this article on how to reuse moving boxes. Let’s dive right in!

Reuse moving boxes for storage

When you hire, for example, Fremont residential movers, almost always you can bet that they also offer storage services. This is because putting things into storage when moving is a pretty common choice. It is a good way to downsize, temporarily, as well as manage all the possessions you have while you are settling into your new home.

reuse moving boxes - a man moving box
You might need some new boxes

If you are renting a storage unit, use the boxes you have. You can easily reuse your boxes for their new purpose. There is really no much difference in packing for moving as opposed to packing for storage. The only really important difference is to make things waterproof!

Turn them into toys!

One of the more imaginative ways you can reuse moving boxes is by turning them into toys! Why not? Even if you don’t have kids yourself, we are sure you have a niece, nephew, smaller brother or sister, or a son or a daughter of a friend you can surprise with a cool, DIY toy!

After moving services Fremont CA is done with the boxes and you are left with a lot of cardboard a no particular use for them, you are, in fact, left with a black canvas. We all have fond memories of playing with completely blank boxes from TVs or Fridges. Almost a catlike fascination with boxes is very often present in little children, and you can embrace that by making the boxes truly something imaginative. Here are a few examples of what we have in mind.

carboard robot
Why not make a robot?
  • Houses and castles of all kinds – Boxes are, by their very nature, shaped like small houses, at least to the mind of a toddler. You can easily make a small house for dolls, kids, and pets alike. Making of the house can be a project you and the kid enjoy together, making it into a colorful little piece of art!
  • Airplanes, buses, and cars – When one thinks of how to reuse moving boxes, turning them into vehicles is not always on the top of the list. However, with the power of imagination, and ducktape, few plane boxes can become race cars, jet planes, and school buses.
  • Any instrument and tool under the sun – Don’t have too many boxes? Not enough for houses and cars? You can always make a sword, shield, magic wand, guitar, crown… Well, pretty much anything that your mind can imagine and your scissors cut!

Sell or give them away

One of the ways you can reuse the packing material of movers Newark CA is to, well, get someone else to use them. They are perfectly good boxes after all, and you can sell them for a tidy profit online or in an old-fashioned garage sale. Furthermore, you can also try to give them away to friends and family you know are going to move soon, so that they don’t have to search for their own moving supplies.

Donate the boxes

Rather than selling or giving away the boxes you got from movers Hayward CA, you can also find a third option for your boxes. You can donate them. You would be surprised just how many charities will take pretty much anything, and just how useful good boxes can be to them.

And we are not talking only about charities here. You can also give them away to strangers in need of Craiglist. It has a collum on free stuff and packing supplies. And almost always you will see someone offering all kinds of stuff there.

boxes been carried
Someone might need them more than you do

Recycling your used boxes

One of the ways to reuse moving boxes is to actually not use them as boxes anymore. After all, we are almost certainly talking about cardboard boxes, and they are easily cuttable. Cardboard can be used as a lot of things, really. A sheet of cardboard can be used to help with furniture (not to scratch the floor) or for various purposes in your garage.

However, you can also recycle them in the real sense of the word, by using one of many Californian recycling companies. Recycling companies will actually, in some cases, pay you to recycle. You are literarily giving them material that they need to work. Furthermore, cardboard is easy to recycle and therefore you should not have any problems with the whole process!

In summary

When we sum it all up, you are actually left with a lot of ways in which you can reuse those boxes. They are all in all, pretty useful little things. Normal, nondescript cardboard boxes are versatile and can be useful even though we rarely think of them. Therefore, there is also one more way that you can find a use for them that we haven’t mentioned here. Other than recycling, donating, selling, giving away, reusing them as toys, or as storage supplies, you can simply put them in reserve. As Americans, we actually move quite a lot and you might just find a use for them in a few year’s time. So, as a piece of final advice – reuse moving boxes by keeping them for your future self. 

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