Tips when signing a moving contract

Moving requires a lot of energy. That is why you should hire one of the best local movers Bay area residents recommend. You should be very careful when choosing movers, especially when signing a moving contract. Check out some tips on what you should think about before hiring movers and signing anything.

Research moving companies

Before hiring a company, you should do the research. You can’t just hire anyone, so get to work. What you can do to check out if your movers are trustworthy and should sign a contract with them? There are plenty of options:

  • Google them, check the reviews
  • check if they have a license and if they are insured
  • check their website and address, visit their office in person
  • ask for an estimate
  • before signing a moving contract make sure everything that is agreed is on paper, services, and the exact price
search for movers
To avoid moving scams you should do the research and find reliable movers.

These are the most important aspects when deciding whether to hire a moving company. Ask them all the questions you want and insist on getting the exact price of relocation with all the expenses included. Do not pay anything in advance until you sign the contract. If you decide to hire Go Movers Bay Area, you will have no worries. Your relocation will be completed efficiently and stress-free.

Before signing a moving contract check if your movers are licensed and insured

There are too many moving companies, but not all of them are insured and licensed. Before you sign a contract with your moving agency make sure you check if it has a license. You can find almost everything on the internet. You can do the research on the website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Here you can find the license information for the company you need to check for. This is maybe the best way to check up on your moving company.

Also, make sure you check their website and the address. You can also visit their office to make sure that the address is not fake and that the company really exists. On their website, you will be able to see all the services they offer, a moving quote, and contact information. Make sure you contact them and ask all the questions you want.

It is also important what kind of employees they have. If you hire movers Fairview CA residents always recommend they should have a staff that is friendly and ready to answer all your questions and give you information about the services, rate, etc. If they are not acting professionally maybe it is because they are some amateurs or they are hiding something.

Check the reviews

Something that can show you the best if you should hire a certain moving company and sign the contract is the reviews. Look on the internet forums, read the previous customers’ reviews, check if movers respect their agreements, if the service is good or not, and if they are acting professional or not. Ask your friends, colleges, if they heard about that moving company. Check everything you can before you choose movers and especially before you sign the contract. Read the contract carefully.

check the reviews
Check the reviews before you hire your movers and sign the contract.

Moving estimate

Before you sign any contracts, you should get a moving estimate from the company. This is very important, so you can have exact information about your moving costs. Most companies offer free moving estimates to potential clients. So it’s a good idea to get your quotes from several different movers and compare them before you decide on the right moving company. Pay special attention to the type of estimate the company offers.

Non-binding estimates are assumptions of what the moving cost can be. It is created using the estimated weight of your items and the additional services you requested. Final payments will be based on the properly measured weight of your shipment. The mover may request an additional 10 percent over the original estimate. So check this before signing a moving contract.

Binding estimates guarantee a total cost in advance with no hidden costs or additional fees afterward. In order to do so, your movers need to know all the details concerning the time, distance, and items you want to relocate so they can calculate what the move will require. When they finish, they will give you a written assessment.

This especially important if you are moving across the country. If you hire long distance movers Fremont residents always hire, they usually charge by the weight of the shipment

Check everything before signing a moving contract

Bill of lading is a mandatory part of any moving contract. It serves as a contract between the movers and their customers. Pay attention to the fine print that gives the movers the right to limit their liability. Make sure your bill of lading includes the following before signing a moving contract:

  • Contact details and license number of your moving company
  • Your contact information
  • Origin and destination of the shipment
  • Pick up and delivery dates previously agreed between you and the company
  • Cost of services and method of payment
  • Dispute resolution information
  • The detailed inventory list
sign a contract
When you have read the contract you can sign it if everything is correct.

Moving can be very expensive, so it is important to pick carefully a moving company. When you pick the movers that suit your needs you should check carefully everything before signing a moving contract. Check if everything that is agreed with your movers is in the contract, especially rates, services, additional costs, etc. Never pay for the cost of moving before you actually receive your belongings. If a company asks you to pay the whole fee upfront, this could mean that they are trying to scam you. It is not unusual that movers ask something in advance but they will never ask for the full payment before the actual job is done. This is why it’s extremely important to choose reliable movers.

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