Tips for relocating as a single parent

Moving is a stressful project when you are moving with kids, but relocating as a single parent makes things more difficult. Do not be terrified immediately, take a deep breath and start planning on time. To make it easier you can hire local movers Bay area residents always recommend. They will help you move and you will have time to prepare your kids for the move. Follow these instructions to have a successful relocation.

Plan everything ahead

When moving as a single parent you have all the responsibility on yourself. It is not easy being alone with the kid and preparing for the move. So you should take some steps before you start with packing:

  • decide what to pack
  • set your budget and find ways to cut expenses
  • talk to your kids and prepare them
  • find a new apartment/home, a new school/kindergarten
  • find all the help you can get – relocating as a single parent is not easy
  • hire reliable movers

When you are moving without your partner you need to think about everything. First, sit down, take a deep breath, and do not panic. If you are moving alone so that means you can rely only on yourself when it comes to finances. Put on paper all the possible costs and your savings, income, etc. If you figure out you do not have enough money, you can maybe borrow some from your parents or your friend, or you can ask for a loan in a bank.

planning a move
Make a good relocation plan and make sure you talk to your kids and let them know that you are moving.

Moving can be really costly so you can think of some ways to cut expenses. For example, you do not need to buy cardboard boxes. This is one of the packing materials that you will be needing the most but you can use your suitcases, some empty boxes you have, garbage bags, etc. If you need more boxes you can visit some stores and ask them for some free boxes. Also, you can do the packing yourself, without the help of movers. In case you can choose when to move then do it during the offseason, it will be less expensive.

Decide what to pack

Declutter your home. This is also one of the ways to save some money because you will have fewer things to pack and transport, so you will be needing so many packing materials. Put aside all the items you want to take to your new home. You can also ask children if they want to get rid of some of their clothes or toys. When you know what you need to transport, it will be easier to choose the packing supplies and a moving truck. Then you can contact some of the movers Fairview CA residents usually hire and recommend. You can let them load a moving truck and transport your belongings.

If you have some items that are in good condition but you do not need them anymore, don’t throw them away. You can sell these items, give them to some friends or family, or you can donate them to some charity organization. If it is a long-distance move you can the best long distance movers Fremont has to offer and they can ship all your items. And you can book a flight for you and your kids.

moving with kids
You can let your kids help in the moving process.

Prepare your kids for the move

The most important aspect of moving as a single parent is keeping a positive attitude for the kids. Whether you’re moving because of a divorce, death, or other situation, it’s going to be quite difficult for the kids as well. So, make sure you talk to them and prepare them for the move. Explain to them the reasons for your relocation, talk with them about the new city, new home. You can search with them a new school or a kindergarten. Communication is everything, keep that in mind.

Depending on your kids’ age, you can involve them in the moving preparations. You can let them pack their belongings, decide what to throw away. If they are old enough they can help with packing, carrying boxes, etc.

If you are relocating as a single parent get some help from your friends

Moving without a partner is challenging. So you will be needing all the help you can get. You can ask your friend or family to help. They can give you some boxes or other packing supplies they do not need, but also they can help with packing. One of the ways to help you is to take care of your kids while you are preparing everything for the move. If you do not want to bother your friend to look for your kids, maybe it wouldn’t be bad to hire a babysitter, especially on your moving day. So, keep all the options open.

Hire reliable movers

Having reliable movers when moving is a crucial thing. You will not have to search for packing supplies, moving trucks, storage units, you can forget about carrying heavy boxes, etc. If you hire Go Movers Bay Area, they will handle all the work for you, from packing, relocation, loading a moving truck but also disassembling and reassembling your belongings. They will unpack your items as you arrive in your new home. If you have some fragile items you can take care of them.

reliable movers
If you hire reliable movers your relocation will be much easier.

One of the benefits when hiring a reliable moving company is that you will be offered insurance. So, if your items get lost, damaged, or stolen, the insurance will cover the damage.

Relocating as a single parent can be more challenging than moving in a couple, but stay positive, start on time and you will relocate successfully to your new home. Talk with your kids and prepare them for the move, it is not easy for them too. Hope these ideas will be useful for your upcoming move.

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