The best way to move a hot tub safely

First, let’s get one thing straight – a hot tub is heavy. Moving it by yourself is impossible while moving it with some help will still be hard. Your best bet is to hire the best movers Pleasanton has to offer and let them take care of it. No matter how you try to move a hot tub, it will be back-breaking labor and you could end up injuring yourself, so having professionals do it is the way to go. However, if your budget doesn’t allow it or you insist on moving it yourself for other reasons, it is possible. Here are the steps to take to move a hot tub safely.

Get the necessary moving supplies

As was mentioned, hot tubs are heavy, so you will need special supplies to move it safely. You will need to get furniture dollies, large plywood pieces, and moving straps. Before you go out shopping, measure your hot tub so that the supplies you get are the appropriate size. You can likely find these items at your local shop that sells tools and construction equipment. If you can’t, you can try to contact piano movers Fremont – they regularly move heavy items and have the necessary equipment. You could ask to rent or even buy the necessary items.

A hot tub in a garden.
You will need the proper supplies to move a hot tub.

Prepare to move the hot tub

You need to plan your route. If there are any tight corners, stares, or any other obstacles on the planned path, you need to figure out how to deal with them beforehand. When you move a hot tub, you shouldn’t try to figure it out as you go. If there is a roundabout route but with fewer obstacles, you should take that one. Once you have a plan in place, disconnect it. Move any cords out of the way so that they don’t trip you up. Of course, you need to drain your hot tub before you move it. If you don’t know how to do it read the instruction manual. It’s usually not as simple as taking a bucket and taking out the water.

The only way to move a hot tub – get some help

You won’t be able to move the hot tub by yourself. It’s as simple as that. You will need to ask some friends for help. Four strong people can move a hot tub safely, but to be on the safe side, five or six people is optimal. If none of your friends are available, contact labor movers Bay Area. You can supply the supplies and the moving truck, and only hire them for moving the hot tub itself. You will still save money on transport costs but will have the help of people who know how to do it.

Roll and load

Your first step is to place the plywood underneath the hot tub. This will give you a flat surface to place the hot tub on before you place the dollies. The next step is to place the tub on the dollies. You will need to lift it a good few inches off the ground. At least one person should lift each corner, while another one rolls the dolly underneath. Once the hot tub is firmly on the dolly, use your moving straps to secure it tightly. Now all that’s left is to roll it to where it needs to go. However, don’t rush it so that it doesn’t overturn and have a person stabilizing it on each side.

How to move a hot tub.
Roll the hot tub slowly until you reach your destination.

Once the tub is where it needs to be, simply take it off the dolly and your job is done. Once more, we must say that the easiest way to move a hot tub is to hire the best movers Fremont has to offer – you won’t have to do anything but sit and watch. Whichever way you choose to do it, we wish you the best of luck. After you have moved it and installed it at the new location, take a long, hot soak. You’ve deserved it. 

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