Step-by-step commercial relocation checklist

People relocate their businesses all the time in search of a better market and viable opportunities. Now it is time for you to seek a better setup and ensure a prosperous future for your business and your family. To begin your moving endeavor, you will need a commercial relocation checklist. This way you’ll keep everything in order and be ready for whatever comes your way. Let us show you what your checklist should contain.

Organize your move and create a commercial relocation checklist on time

Acting on time is the mother of success. You should start assembling your commercial moving checklist the moment you know your moving date. And you should include all the steps you must take on this journey. Once you have it all written down you can make a workaround that will suit all parties involved. Gradually remove steps you finish until you cover everything. Although remember that some tasks take more time to complete so you must act accordingly.

Keep your commercial relocation checklist up to date
Follow your commercial relocation checklist daily. Stay up to date and on schedule.

You must cover the organization, the packing process, search for commercial movers, and cleaning. You want to leave your old workplace with style and not to damage any of your belongings in the process. And keep in mind that the search for a reliable and affordable moving company might take some time. So, as soon as you have your plan on paper, start searching for one. Guided by your prerequisites, you’ll search online until you find a match. We will show you what to look out for further down the line.

Let us help you find reliable movers

It is extremely important who will handle your business relocation. One moving mishap can cost you greatly. Not only in the property damages but in business downtime. Therefore, proper research is in order if you want to find a good moving company. Start by browsing online and in a matter of minutes you’ll find a few choices. Then, compare prices, offers, and services across the board. Also, you want to know how they treat their customers. To obtain this info you should read comments and reviews left by previous customers. Try to obtain internal and external referrals and if possible word of mouth.

But to purchase the best moving services Bay Area has to offer, you must inspect your movers further. Make sure they are licensed and that they possess all the equipment, tools, manpower, and vehicles to undertake your moving project. We are sure you’ll find the moving company you deserve if you conduct proper research. It will take some time but the service you’ll receive is impeccable. And that is exactly what you and your business need.

Inspect your new office and be ready for it

Another step that must be on your commercial relocation checklist is to schedule a visit to your new place. Of course, you already participated and inspected when signing a lease, but a thorough inspection won’t hurt. Whether you did it already or you are doing it now, make sure that it is done adequately.

Once you cover this part you’ll know how to perform other stages appropriately. First, you must inspect the electricity, plumbing, utilities, internet network, floors, doors, and windows. Once you are sure that everything is in order, you can work on the office layout. Inspect all areas to figure out where would be the best place for your furniture and office equipment.

This way you’ll know if you can fit everything or you must leave some of it behind in a storage facility. Or maybe you’ll have to buy additional equipment to support the bigger place you are moving to. Whatever might be the case, be sure to inspect everything and prepare for it upfront.

Put task assignments on your commercial relocation checklist

To have a zero downtime and to relocate efficiently, you should assign tasks to your employees. Hopefully, you won’t have to do it all yourself and you have a few colleagues to share the burden with. Simply assign all employees to take one task or to work on a bigger one together.

A man packing moving box
Your employees can at least pack themselves. It will help significantly.

The best thing is to let them pack their belongings. Obtain packing materials and provide a small verbal or written guide on how to do it. Instruct your employees on how to pack fragile items, IT equipment, furniture, and personal belongings. And do not forget to give them detailed instructions on the whole moving project along with the moving date. Everything must be ready to go once movers arrive.

In case you have valuable and expensive office material and equipment, consider hiring a specialized team for it. Hire reliable movers and packers Fremont residents recommend. Let the professionals handle your expensive belongings and get rid of the unnecessary headaches.

Prepare for the moving costs

Before you contact your movers and communicate the moving details, you must calculate your costs. Prepare a moving budget upfront so you won’t have any unpleasantries later.

Once you have your checklist in place and you inspect both old and your new office, you should have a better insight into the moving cost. What is left is to contact your movers to figure out the price of the moving service. The best way to do it is to utilize the free onsite estimates movers provide. Schedule a visit and let movers inspect everything further. When they realize the size of your cargo and the complexity of the move, then you’ll be presented with the final moving cost. The process is simple but highly efficient.

When movers obtain all the info they require, they can make valuable input and provide additional info. You will know where you can improve or cut moving costs. This is important because some of the moving services can make your relocation ten times easier for a slightly bigger investment. On the other hand, you’ll know where you can do some things yourself to reduce the overall moving costs. Therefore, prepare your budget and receive the moving quote. It will help you immensely.

A man calculating budget
Calculate and minimize your moving costs. Prepare your moving budget adequately.

Prepare all your documents

It is safe to assume that you’ll have a lot of paperwork and Important moving documents to handle. And you should cover it in due time to avoid any unfortunate events. Hence, contact your business partners, associates, and government facilities. Also, contact your bank, insurance company, and all other relevant parties. Make sure that everyone is informed about the upcoming move. Send out a few emails with a detailed description.

The most important part is to update everyone with the change of address and contact info. If needed, you should set a new PO box and reroute your bills and mail. Ensure that all your personal, business-related, and moving documents are in order. Also, all your employees should do the same. Especially if you are moving to another state. Cover it all on time.

This was a simple guide on how to create a commercial relocation checklist. Now when you know how to do it you shouldn’t have a problem organizing your commercial relocation. Just be sure to start moving your plans forward as soon as you figure out the moving date. Good luck and we wish you a prosperous relocation.

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