Post-move paperwork you need to handle

Moving can be a thrilling thing: You look forward to furnishing your new place to your taste and to the foreign city. In addition to these pleasant aspects of moving house, you also have to be prepared for a lot of post-move paperwork. We will help you by informing you of all the formalities and post-move paperwork you have to take care of when moving so that you can keep track of the bureaucracy jungle. 

Post-move paperwork – What to expect

You have finally moved. You’ve finished everything you’ve had with the help of moving companies Bay Area based and now it’s time to relax. Well not yet. We all know how frustrating it can be when you are looking for a document that you urgently need and you can’t find it anywhere. It is recommended that you take all the documentation to the places where they belong as soon as you move. We know that this is another commitment that is not very interesting, but it is necessary.

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Post-move paperwork can be tedious, but with a good organization, it is easier to finish.

Switch utilities 

When you move out of your old home, you must inform the various utilities for electricity, gas, and water about your meter reading on the last day of the rental agreement. This is the only way to deregister and create the final invoice.

However, it is important to think about the termination beforehand. The deadline for the basic supplier is usually four weeks to the end of the next calendar month. If you are moving long-distance ask long distance moving companies Bay Area for advice about switching utilities.

Select electricity and gas providers

If you change location, the contract with the previous electricity and gas provider is terminated and a new contract is concluded with the new provider. This is only necessary if you are not moving within your previous place of residence and you have a contract with the basic provider.

It is important that you read the meter readings for electricity, water, gas, and heating yourself before you move and, if necessary, at your new place of residence, have them read by the respective company and, if necessary, document the meter readings with photos.

Find a telephone and internet provider 

You should also start looking for a new telephone and Internet provider in a good time. So it is possible to do research online to find the right provider for you. Find out the availability of different providers and the different surfing speeds in your new place of residence.

The advantage of looking for a different provider as early as possible is that – if they offer a switching service – they will take over the formalities such as terminating the contract with the old Internet provider. This saves you time and work that you will need for other things when moving house. 

Inform important institutions about the new address 

Institutions with which you are registered or with whom you have concluded a contract, you must give your new address before the local mover Bay Area help you relocate so that they know that you can be reached at a different address from the date of the move.

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Call everyone who needs to be notified and let them know about the change of your address.

The most important institutions and companies that you should inform about the change of address include: 

  • Banks, savings and loan associations, and building societies: Financial institutions will also need your new address if they want to contact you about a loan or your account. 
  • Your employer: He needs the address for the payslip and other documents. 
  • Clubs, associations, memberships: These include, for example,  subscriptions for daily newspapers. 
  • Your mobile phone provider: They need the address for invoices or other communications. 
  • Shops: Post-move paperwork-they need your new address, for example for customer cards. 

Post-move paperwork – do not forget to change all documents from your kid’s school

If you are moving and you have children, they need help not only to emotionally accept the move but also to adapt to the new school. When you move, don’t forget to change their documents as well. Collect all your children’s school documents in one pile. Whether your children go to private or public schools, these documents will be needed later. Change all the details with the current data and address.


This includes household contents insurance, life insurance, health insurance, car insurance, liability insurance, accident insurance, and pension insurance. Notify your insurance company of your move. Send them your new address or contact an insurance agent and let them know about the change of residence.

This will make it easier for them if they need to contact you. Speaking of insurance, do not forget to talk to the labor movers Bay Area about the moving insurance for your belongings.

Find a vet for your pet!

In the chaos after moving, don’t forget about your pet. Find a vet in the city you are moving to. You can easily do this by searching the internet. Take his documents from the previous vet and hand them over to the new vet. Documents that are with your previous veterinarian can be useful to your new vet. This is especially important if your pet has had some health problems in the past.

Adorable blur breed close up
In all this chaos after moving, don’t neglect your furry friend and put in order his documents as well.

Inform authorities

Inform the tax office about the change of residence. Then the files can be forwarded in good time and you do not wait too long for the tax assessment. If you are receiving unemployment benefits or social benefits, you must also inform the labor or social welfare office of your new address. The same applies to the family benefits if you have children for whom you receive child benefit. 

Now that you are done with post-move paperwork you can relax and enjoy. After all, every move brings with it challenges. What matters is how you look at them. Post-move paperwork is just one of them. With a little patience and will all these tasks can be done successfully.

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