Pack and move a fish tank from Fairview like a pro

Moving is not a simple process and it gets a bit more difficult when you factor in that your pets need to move with you, too. It’s a bit easier with cats and dogs, but if you have fish, you don’t just need to move them, but also their home. And because fish tanks are fragile, you can’t just plug it out and chuck it in a moving truck. However, it’s far from impossible, especially if you hire the best local movers Bay Area. Here is how you can pack and move a fish tank from Fairview in 4 easy steps.

1. Get the supplies you need

You need to prepare yourself before you pack and move a fish tank. You will need two types of supplies: moving supplies and supplies that will allow you to transport your fish. The moving supplies you need are rather standard: moving boxes, filling, foam boards, bubble-wrap, and duct-tape. You can get these items in most stores, or contact movers Fairview CA to help you out. To move your fish you’ll need a fishnet, siphon hose, and of course something to transport your fish (fish bags, plastic containers, or buckets). If you don’t have these items, you can get them at your local pet store.

Fish in a stylized tank.
You will need the proper supplies to move a fish tank.

2. Prepare your fish for transport

You will need to move your fish to their transport containers a bit in advance so that you have the time to prepare the fish tank. Don’t feed your fish for about a day before the move – this will help keep the water clean. Moving companies Bay Area will get you to your new home expediently, but there’s still no need for the water to be dirty upon arrival. If you are worried about not feeding them, don’t – fish can survive much longer than a day without food.

Further, because fish can get stressed-out, hold on before you move them to their transport containers for as long as you can. 

3. Pack the fish tank

As you well know, tanks are fragile, so you need to take special precautions when you move a fish tank. First, disassemble it and remove any items (decorations, pebbles, sand, etc.). Then siphon the water and remove any remaining equipment. Wrap the lid in bubble-wrap and secure it with duct tape. Cut the foam boards to size and place your tank on top, securing it with duct-tape. Now, wrap the sides of the tank with bubble-wrap and place a layer of foam over it, again tightening it with duct-tape. The moving box should be a bit larger than the tank itself.

Place the wrapped-up tank in the box and fill the remaining space with packing filling (you can even use towels or blankets). When you are done, give the box a shake – the tank should not move. If it does, fill the remaining space until it can’t and you’re done.

a fish as a symbol of how to pack and move a fish tank.
You need to take special precautions when packing your tank.

4. Now you are ready to move a fish tank

With all of the preparations in place, it’s quite easy to move a fish tank. You have multiple options available – doing it yourself, getting professionals to do it for you, or packing and arranging a moving truck yourself and getting labor movers Bay Area to do the heavy lifting. If you decide to do everything yourself, make sure that nothing heavy goes on top of the box with the fish tank when you load the truck. Plus, you need to stack the boxes so that the fish tank doesn’t fall over during transport. And that’s all there is to it. Good luck with your move! 

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