Moving as a single parent in the Bay Area

The everyday life of every single parent is certainly far from easy. When you add relocation, this can be quite messy. However, this does not have to be stressful or overwhelming. The secret is to plan and organize everything beforehand. You will surely get to be a superhero in the eyes of your children and everything will run smoothly. In order to achieve this with no great effort, here are some pieces of advice for moving as a single parent.

Making a moving checklist is of paramount importance

The most important thing you should do is to plan in advance and make a residential moving to-do list. It should consist of not only the ‘bigger’ parts of your relocation but also the most minute details. This will make it possible for you not to forget to complete a certain task (or more of them).

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Making a moving checklist is of paramount importance when moving as a single parent

If you have two months or more at your disposal, this is an ideal scenario. However, make sure you do not start completing the list before you finish it. If you do this, you will get distracted, time will go by, and the chances are great that you will forget to complete some tasks. Feel free even to include your children in this process. They can give you some ideas that you will add to the list and, later on, you will complete the tasks together.

When moving as a single parent, travel light

Once your list is complete, you can start by sorting out your belongings. Since you are moving as a single parent, you do not need extra boxes. For this reason, you should go from one room to another and check what items you are no longer going to need. If it happens that some of them are still usable, you can either donate them or give them to some of your friends or family members. After that, you can start packing everything.

Pay special attention to how you are packing your fragile items. They should arrive at your new home in perfect condition which is why you should be very careful. If it happens that you have enough towels, linen, pillowcases, etc., there will be no need for you to buy packing supplies since you can use these instead.

Involve your children in the moving process as much as possible

Children are especially sensitive when going through situations of this kind, irrelevant of whether you are moving locally or long-distance. They are leaving everything they are familiar with and they should start a new life in a new place. This can be quite terrifying which is why you should be open with them. Answer all of their questions and try to present this as a positive thing.

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You and your child should be true partners – you should be open and help one another, especially during the process of relocation

After that, feel free to give them some simple tasks to complete. For example, they can pack their clothes and shoes. In case they are older and responsible, they can do even some more complex things. What is important is to involve them in the moving process. In this way, they will know that their opinion also matters and that you are in this together.

There are several ways in which you can save money

Relocation can be quite expensive which may be a problem when moving as a single parent. Luckily, there are some things you can do in order not to let your move to be a financial worry.

First of all, you can reuse some cardboard boxes that are in good shape. You can get them for free at your grocery store if you ask for them. You can even put this task on your moving checklist. Another thing you should bear in mind is that summer is the busiest time of year for moving. So, when choosing the date of your move, you should go for autumn, winter, or spring. Also, you should know that, if you are moving for a job, some moving expenses may be deductible. If you make Go Movers Bay Area your moving partners, check with them whether other discounts are at your disposal.

Ask your friends and family to give you a helping hand

Since moving is one of the most complex processes, you should get all the help you can. It is possible that some people will ask you first how they can help you but if this does not happen, the first ones you should ask are your friends and family. If they have some time, they will surely come and help you out. Either if you need them for packing, disassembling your furniture, or babysitting, they will find the time.

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Not only your family but also your friends will be at your disposal – count on them to help you during relocation

This is especially helpful when you want to simplify your last-minute move. There is no reason for you to be shy. If they were in your situation, you would probably go and help them. So, do not hesitate- pick up your phone and get in touch with them.

Moving as a single parent is quite challenging. Not only do you have to do everything you usually do but you should also organize and plan your relocation. However, you should not panic or stress yourself because everything has a solution. As a matter of fact, we have presented you with several pieces of advice on the matter. Now, what you should do is to start preparing everything on time. Do not let even a day to pass without you completing a certain task or making a checklist. The moving day will be an even greater challenge and this is precisely why you should settle everything beforehand.

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