How to help elderly people move from Pleasanton, CA

Moving can be a stressful process, even when you are in your prime. There are many things you need to organize and take care of for the move to be successful. It can be doubly difficult for elderly people. The energy you expend on preparing, packing, and communicating movers won’t be overwhelming to you. However, it could be for the elderly. At the very least, it will take them much longer. If you can pitch in, do so. Your first step should always be in hiring the best movers Pleasanton provides. Here are some other steps you can take to help elderly people move from Pleasanton.

Hire professionals

We should stress again, you should hire professionals. Even in the best of circumstances, they make the whole process easier. When it comes to the elderly, it’s highly unlikely they can do it on their own. Unless you are willing to take care of everything (which will take you a lot of time and energy), getting some help is in order. This is especially important if they are relocating far away. There’s no way you can do everything yourself unless you devote 100% of your time to it. Find interstate movers Bay Area that you like and have them take the load off you.

Man checking a moving list.
You can help elderly people move from Pleasanton by hiring professional movers to do the heavy lifting.

Take care of the documentation

Unfortunately, elderly people are often forgetful. Before elderly people move from Pleasanton (or anyone else for that matter) they need to sort out their documents. If they do it by themselves, it can be overwhelming. Check if everything is OK with their current and new lease agreement. See if all of their bills are paid.

After the move, they’ll need to register their new place of residence. Even if you can’t do it yourself, at least remind them to do it. If dealing with paperwork is not your forte, you can always ask for advice. Contact moving services Fremont CA and ask for advice about which documents are essential. 

Help them pack

Usually, packing is not too difficult. It can take time if you have a large household, but it’s still manageable. Elderly people, however, can have serious trouble with it. Often, they simply don’t have the energy to do it themselves. Especially so if they have a lot of items that they built up over the years. If you want to help elderly people move from Pleasanton, you need to help them pack.

Depending on the situation, you don’t have to do everything. Maybe you just need to pack the larger and heavier items, while you let them take care of the smaller ones. You can help them pack for a move without overburdening yourself. Just start at least a few weeks before the move and take it one step at a time.

How to help elderly people move from Pleasanton, CA.
Let them relax while you take care of the packing.

Move them in

The transportation itself should be done by professionals. Moving companies Bay Area will take care of transporting and unloading, but that’s not all there is to relocation. The final step in helping elderly people move from Pleasanton is getting them settled. You’ll need to help them unpack. You don’t have to do everything, but at least unpack the essentials and larger items. Moving is a life-changing event, and it can be difficult to adjust to initially. If you can, make them more comfortable in their new home. Maybe help them sign up for local events that cater to the elderly. If you live nearby, have them come over for dinner a few times. Or, go around the neighborhood and help introduce them. Anything you can think of to make their new place a home.  

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