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Are you stacking things up all the time? Or maybe you need to relocate and you’re not sure how to get rid of all the unnecessary things you have? Well, before you start looking for moving companies Fremont CA you should definitely clean up your space. So, here are our home decluttering tips and tricks to help you out.

Home decluttering – easier said than done?!

The cold truth is that home decluttering may be harder than it sounds. For starters, you might be dealing with your great-grandmother’s porcelain tea set that is gathering dust in the corner, a high school vest, a two-year-old chain store catalog… And that Chinese dolphin figurine from the beautiful summer of ’97. So if you don’t know how to declutter you are in for the ride. But – you can combat a disease called the accumulation of things with these few simple rules.

couple Home decluttering
Here are some simple home decluttering ideas!

Never leave a room with empty hands

This small and easy tip is a better choice than hiring labor-only movers to help you clean up your place. Trust us, you will easily avoid accumulating things if every time you get off the couch you take one or more things and put them back in their place. For example: have you decided to have a cup of coffee with the latest series? Great! As soon as the series is over, take the cup to the sink. You’ll be surprised how tidier space will be if you stick to this simple rule. Just try to count how many times a day you enter from one room to another empty-handed.

One item inside – one item outside

Try to introduce the golden rule of: ‘one inside, one outside’ into your home. This rule is simple – if a new thing is brought into the house, an old one must come out. Did you buy a wonderful new flower vase? Congratulations! The one you got for the wedding from a not so dear aunt has to go outside… No compromise! Teach your children this rule too. If you’re unsure what to throw out, turn everything into good fun, and vote for the loser together. You can always donate the things you decide to throw out. This way you will do something noble, and you will provide yourself with more space in the house.

Think big

Clearly, big things take up a lot of space and create the impression of clutter in the house. So, before you relocate and start calling local movers Bay Area move your ‘big things’ such as an ironing board or extra chairs for guests and store them there when not in use. Also, we know that your exercise bike only serves as a storage place for clothes, so maybe it’s time to get rid of it. Still, if you don’t want to get rid of it, then at least fold it up and store it under the bed.

Be ruthless with clothes

The accumulation of things actually happens most often with clothes. And mostly, for children and women. So, before you hire movers Newark CA – you need to get rid of some items. Here you will easily apply the golden ‘one inside, one outside’ rule too. For example, are those leather pants really something you ever intend to put on again?!

Yes, the accumulation of things actually happens most often with clothes.

If you can’t decide what to give up and what to keep, turn everything into a game and organize a small fashion show. And if you have kids, it’s going to be super fun for them, and you’ll be able to get a better insight into what clothes they’ve outgrown, what’s worn out, and so on. If you’re cleaning your closet, invite friends over, open a bottle of wine and make a fun flea market. Exchange things with each other. It’s an ideal way to renovate your wardrobe, get rid of old items, and not spend a dime.

How to make papers disappear?

This is also a very simple rule. As soon as you open the mail, sort bills and invoices, and just throw the rest eg. unnecessary flyers and advertisements. Don’t put mail together with ads but sort it by importance into folders and you’ll never frantically look for an electricity bill again… Which is probably in the trash instead of that lovely flyer for a discount at a local store.

Big storage, small clutter

When you think about how to declutter your home remember that it can all be avoided by good organization and investment in well-designed shelves or storage elements. Still, the more storage space you have in the house, the greater the possibility of accumulation. So, make sure each person in the house has their own personal storage area, including clothes. Once that storage space is full, follow the ‘one inside, one outside’ rule.

If storage space is full, follow the ‘one inside, one outside’ rule.

Quick kitchen cleaning

Before going to bed, do a quick kitchen cleaning. Wipe the table with a wet cloth, return the cups and plates to the cupboards, wipe the work surface and the stove. These few little things that don’t require a lot of energy will help you reduce your morning stress levels because you won’t be drinking your first morning coffee in a mess.

More hands, less clutter

Teach your children that cleaning is a family business. If you teach them from an early age about the importance of a tidy home, the accumulation of things will be completely foreign to them and unacceptable in the future. Trust us, even very young children can help with some household chores such as throwing potato peelings in the bio-waste bin or wiping the table. Make sure your children participate in daily chores by giving them simple tasks. It will instill good habits in them, and it will make your everyday life much easier.

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