Celebrate Thanksgiving in Menlo Park after the move

There is nothing better than having some relaxing fun after the move to Menlo Park. There are a lot of things to do, but today, we will focus on how to celebrate Thanksgiving in Menlo Park. You will have a lot of activities to chose from, but you still have to stay safe during this pandemic. Here are a couple of things you can do for fun.

Thanksgiving in Menlo Park – shopping spree

You can do many things today, but the first thing you have to do is some shopping. If you are planning to have some guests, like your closest friends and family, you will have to buy some extra food. That means getting to choose the perfect Thanksgiving turkey and all the side dishes that go with it. Don’t forget to buy some drinks as well.

a grocery store you nned to visit before celebrating Thanksgiving in Menlo Park
Do some shopping before celebrating Thanksgiving in Menlo Park

Shopping is something you need to do after the move. You will have to resupply with your groceries to fill your fridge and your pantry. And if you have to both focus on shopping and your move, then you will have a hard time doing bot. Instead, you can always hire movers Menlo Park CA. It is ok to get help from professionals so you won’t have to stress over your move.

Start cooking

As soon as you are done with shopping,  you should start cooking for Thanksgiving. Although turkey will be the main dish. But there are other meals you should make. Things like soups, eggs, perhaps some other side dishes instead of only mashed potatoes. In the end, it all falls down to what you want to make and how much money you plan on spending on it. Not to mention how many guests you are planning to have. All in all, you should have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

People cooking
Cook some interesting meals

None of this wouldn’t be possible if you don’t think about your moving process. Moving in just days before Thanksgiving can be really hard and stressful. And most of the time, people lose their mind over all the things they have to complete. Hiring professional movers can save you a lot of time and patience. This is something you should have in mind if you want to organize a Thanksgiving dinner in a hurry. Opting to get help from moving companies Fremont CA means just that. You will have enough time to focus on what’s really important.

Stay safe and disinfect everything

It is very important to follow all safety protocols when it comes to celebrating Thanksgiving during a pandemic. Experts do advise not to gather in large numbers while this is going g on. This is to stop spreading the virus around. And even if you do have a couple of guests, make sure they are all OK and that they wore a mask while committing here. What you can do is disinfect your home and make sure everything is clean. You can do this by cleaning doorknobs, and other places that people frequently touch.

Maintaining health and disinfecting your new home needs to be your top priority. AS far as health goes, you will have to eat healthily and get more vitamins. Also, it is a good idea to train regularly and do some workouts. There are other Covid – 19 measures you should learn more about before celebrating Thanksgiving in Menlo Park. Make sure to read more about them before you organize anything.

face mask
Try to stay safe during this pandemic

Organize a movie night

It is completely OK to not celebrate Thanksgiving in a traditional way. Due to the circumstances and all the safety measures, you should be able to just have a nice Thanksgiving movie night. There are many things you can watch like an interesting series or some good movies with a thanksgiving theme. Whatever you choose as your way of celebration will surely work. Don’t be sad about it tho. It is important to remain healthy and be careful and considerate about others until a solution comes for the current situation.

Planning how to spend your Thanksgiving day is important. because it will take your mind off some other things that are currently stressing everyone out. And it is especially good if you have just moved in. You are probably still under the influence of the moving stress so you would want to find a way to ease up a bit. There is also another way to keep the moving stress under control. And that is to know how to properly organize your move. It is a certain way to keep everything tight and not lose your mind over it.

Rest a bit and spend time by yourself

Today everything will be revolving around the measures the government has issued. Depending on the number of cases and how severe the situation is here, they will have a different approach. Most of the time they will advise to stay safe, wear a mask, and keep the distance. But, it is ok if you even spend Thanksgiving by yourself. One certain way to be thankful for everything is to take care of those you really love. And if keeping a distance for a while will help, then you need to do it.

One thing is for certain, if you are spending your Thanksgiving by yourself, then you can focus on rearranging your home or continue to unpack. Especially if you a lot of plants you moved here. One thing that will help you, and is if you packed plants properly before moving. It will make the unpacking process easier and your plants will be safe while being moved.

These are just one of the ways to celebrate Thanksgiving in Menlo Park. Some of them are common, some are not, but in the end, they are here to protect us while this pandemic is going on. We hope we gave you some interesting ideas on how to do it properly.

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